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    Priv mixes the best of Blackberry and Android | GulfNews.com

    Priv mixes the best of Blackberry and Android, Innovative keyboard and beautiful display merge into a unique form factor with a focus on security and privacy.

    Dubai: BlackBerry’s first Android device — Priv — is one of the biggest miracles to happen this year in the smartphone industry.

    The word ‘Priv’ stands for ‘Privacy and Privilege’ and the final result is an excellent hardware, excellent software and the best content ecosystems on the market. Priv does not have a premium look but is the most powerful and feature-packed phone BlackBerry has ever released.............

    It is nice to see Blackberry getting some love. First off, The primary reason that I have been a long time BB user is the build quality of their phones. The software was never really spectacular, especially in the OS7 and earlier OS which had miserable browsing. All that changed with BBOS10 which is completely wonderful. But I'd rather have a BB with a physical keyboard running Android then not having a BB at all. I also love what BB did to the recent Apps page! I love the squares vs stock android endless rolodex! I own a BB Passport currently and I'd like to see BB/Android come to it.
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    Cool! I knew I like Dubai!
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