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    It seems that many people (not all mind you) have the impression that, due to the majority favouring the all touch phone, the physical keyboard phones should just disappear. That in itself is wrong. Everybody likes/wants/needs different things in life, people should stop being so narrow minded. So what if there's people out there who prefer the physical keyboard over all touch, or prefer apple/android over blackberry. It's got nothing to do with you or anybody else and in no way does it affect your life. Has anybody ever considered that if android or apple started producing high end physical keyboard phones, they might actually increase their customer base and profit? Food for thought

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    11-25-13 04:36 AM
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    I work in sales, and there are definitely professionals out there who use their phones for calling and emailing constantly, kinda like that dumb 'thousand emails a day cupcake shop owner' BB ad that ran a while back. So yes, physical portrait QWERTY will always have a niche.

    But for the other millions of corporate employees who used to have company issued BBs, they've simply gotten used to touchscreens, like me. For the last 3 years I've been on Android and hated the keyboard for long emails. At some point in 2013, I got used to the keyboard....it took a while but it happened. It feels natural now and I feel like I'd be giving up too much to go back to a physical keyboard.

    I plan on switching to a phablet to make my email typing even easier.

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    I have switched to a virtual keyboard and don't mind it at all. It took a little time to get used to it. From what I see the vast majority of people (Android but also IOS and BB) poke and swipe and want screen size more than keyboard. I mostly use the phone for navigation and web. My company has gotten us Galaxy Note 10.1 with LTE so it is very easy to pull that out along with a very nice apple blue tooth keyboard and have the best of both worlds. I was just in California and the people at one of our properties there were just issued Z10's. Most came from Bold 9900's. So far it is about 50 50 on whether they like them. I showed several people how to use the phone as the were issued with no training or instructions on how to use. This is a mistake with such a different phone. We have over 20,000 BB phones deployed worldwide (not all are Z10's ). I think BB would have made some provision to train some of our folks on the use.
    11-25-13 10:53 AM
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    There are qwerty Android phones, and maybe they're not high enough in quality, but however much people say they want them, in the end they buy virtual keyboards. My perspective is that virtual keyboards are good enough so most people don't mind. Full, capacitive touch screen marginalized the physical qwerty keyboard almost overnight, and that should tell you something.
    11-25-13 11:16 AM
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    A micro thin case with a slide out blue tooth keyboard is the answer surely.

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    11-25-13 01:54 PM
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