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    United Nations Group warns on mobile cybersecurity bugs | RapidBerry

    So guy it's not just the N.S.A listening to your conversations. it's the hackers picking your pockets while you blindly go about your day.
    Cyber hackers are all over your information, so if your not security conscious you should be.
    07-21-13 05:15 PM
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    This "problem" has been known about for a long time - several years. It only works on older SIMs that remain interoperable (as backward compatibility is a BIG DEAL in the GSM / SIM enabled space) but as far as I know nobody is distributing them any more and haven't for several years now. Many carriers FORCIBLY upgraded their customer base 3-5 years ago for this exact reason -- they told people to come in and get a new SIM -- period.

    DES is breakable. Not quickly, but it is. It simply doesn't have enough keyspace to resist modern brute force attacks. If you can capture enough traffic while the connection is being negotiated from a DES-using SIM card you can clone it without ever having it physically in your possession. THAT is a problem and it's why that algorithm was replaced.
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    07-21-13 05:29 PM

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