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    RIM Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear says there is a lot of enthusiasm from both carriers and Fortune 500 companies.

    by Roger Cheng November 14, 2012 1:22 PM PST

    RIM's headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario.

    Research in Motion is hearing all the right things about BlackBerry 10.

    Carriers and Fortune 500 companies that have played with RIM's next-generation operating system are enthusiastic about its prospects, Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear told CNET today. More importantly, the carriers have promised their full support, he said.
    "We will put our full effort into this launch," he said. "The carriers will do the same thing."

    Tear was light on details when it came to launch, preferring to save a larger reveal closer to its unveiling, scheduled for January 30. An official launch in stores is expected to occur the following month. But he reiterated his confidence that RIM's partners will be there for the company at launch, and that carrier executives are hopeful BlackBerry 10 will be the third major mobile platform behind Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

    RIM could use all the allies it can get, as the company isn't the only one fighting for that coveted No. 3 slot. Microsoft earlier this month launched its Windows Phone 8 operating system, and products running on the platform are hitting the market now. It has likewise said all the right things about carrier and fan support of the platform.
    11-14-12 04:41 PM
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    I guess you could say that Tear went on a tear...
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    11-14-12 08:29 PM
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    It just isn't advertising, which I suspect is subsidized heavily by the manufacturer. The deal is the store employees saying "Ah you don't want that phone." That killed Microsoft on WP7.

    T-Mobile always tries to push their branded phones, then Android in gereral. I must have 3 emails from T-mobile for a free Samsung Galaxy 3. Needless to say, I don't want to use up my subsidy, which I have been saving for a BB10 phone, probably Nevada.

    If T-mob would let me, I'd give a London a try IF I could then get a Nevada if the London touch screen is a crappy as the rest of the market.

    In that video, the Rim guy was doing well with two fingers.

    I have a G2 (T-mob branded HTC) and the virtual keyboard is terrible. Swipe is terrible. Actually the HTC physical keyboard sucks too!


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    11-14-12 10:25 PM
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    hmm, in all these discussions, press briefings, not hearing much from the CMO, Frank Boulben

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    11-14-12 10:42 PM
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    If T-mob would let me, I'd give a London a try IF I could then get a Nevada if the London touch screen is a crappy as the rest of the market.
    Every time I have gotten an upgrade i have been told i have a 14 day trial period if i don't like it i can trade it for a different one. ask a rep when you go in there if you can do that. It's always been offered to me without asking.
    11-15-12 02:04 AM

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