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    Wasn't 100% sure about the Web Platform Stack, so I asked Adam Stanley (RIM Team lead, BlackBerry HTML5/AIR developer relations) some explanations.
    He gave me two interesting answers:

    1. Yes, the web platform stack is powered by both native and Javascript language.
    2. Adopting WebKit "supercharged the browser and moved us to the front of the line. "

    As you can read, nothing's black or white ...
    The hour long video on their html5 browser technology (which is available on blackberry dev's youtube channel) is very informative.

    RIM basically stated that they wanted to show the world that they eat their own dog food. I disagree with RIM on this point. While writing much of the chrome using web technologies would theoretically make their browser port easier onto many other platforms --- i.e. cars, smart tv... --- the blogging world is a harsh world where even a slight performance hit in javascript score would be immediately pronounced as the death of blackberry. I would rather have RIM make a 100% cascade browser that leave zero performance issues on the table and not worry about whether it would be harder for their own engineers to port their browser to a car console later on.

    - Dev Alpha is a prototype that must be understood like a "physical BB10 emulation device" and not like a preview of London. Performance test can't reflect what London will be (this seems to be the hardest part to understand for some).
    When the original dev alpha a was launched, several crackberry members had stated that they thought the device is downclocked to 1 GHz --- even though any google search would have claimed that an OMAP4460 runs on 1.5 GHz. Same thing with OMAP4470 in the dev alpha b, any google search would have said that it runs on 1.5 GHz.

    If you look at the sunspider scores from fellow crackberry members --- their dev alpha a and dev alpha b sunspider scores are lower than engadget's LTE Playbook sunspider test (which runs at full 1.5 GHz and also running on old Playbook OS 2.01, not even OS 2.1).

    If people are getting 1500 sunspider on downclocked 1 GHz dev alpha's --- then a fully clocked 1.5 GHz would have a score of 1000. And since the Krait core in S4 is faster than the Cortex A9 core in OMAP4, a 1.5 GHz S4 would have a score of 800-900.
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