06-15-15 08:24 PM
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    I concur. BlackBerry needs to keep improving these productive applications. Doc to Go. Remember, etc. They got a lot better but still have plenty of room for improvement.

    05-29-15 02:26 PM
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    It absolutely begs that question. I will tell you how, its a misconception of BB10 capability and an ignored understanding that people are either a) willing to ignore the fact they are unable to do things on some other platform that they can do on BB10, or b) and I think this is the more likely, they are oblivious to the fact of what they are missing. The other factor is that other platforms are clearly more popular and it is also clear BB is not (especially in the US). Most people, especially those in BYOD, WILL NOT take the time or care to understand what BB10 can do better than other platforms. They just want what is popular and told works best. When it comes to file management, and file manipulation within E-mails and the hub there is no better platform that BB10. These are not my own facts. I have yet to meet one person with an iPhone or Android device in a BYOD environment that is required to have certain apps that are not available on BB10, and I have spoken to literally hundreds upon hundreds of folks. Not to say this doesn't exist, I will readily admit it does in certain sectors, but it is NOT the majority.... no chance, no way. Most bring in their device, connect to a company server via active sync and reply to e-mails best they can.

    as for BB being last in some areas. I get that, not my argument, its why they are in the pickle they are. To be fair, you can also say iOS was the last to have cut and paste, last to have NFC, still doesn't have file management capability, pizz-poor E-mail functionality and no expandable memory. I would argue what I list is far more important than what you listed as being pertinent in the enterprise space and BlackBerry has addressed them now anyway. SO leave the past in the past.

    The E-mail functionality on iOS is an absolute joke. Android is better, only slightly. It is NOT good enough, no chance...certainly not for me. It is flat out garbage I would say, because I have used BB10 and I know better. Those that use it and say it is acceptable are either a) clueless, b) full of it, or c) bit of both.

    I think too many mistake popularity for what is actually the better product for the task they have at hand
    My sentiments exactly. Why would I settle for a butcher knife, when I really need a scalpel!

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    06-15-15 08:24 PM
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