12-13-15 07:47 AM
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    Not really. Mostly trash. I've been in the auto tech for 16 in my last location alone, and I can definitely say...trash. Like I over heard one service tech at a dealership over the phone with another service tech from another dealership about a Chrysler Sebring...."what year was that garbage can again?" If service reps are calling the cars they represent garbage cans...There's an issue.

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    Yes, But, that's when it was an American owned company. Now that Fiat has full control, it's yet to be seen what the line will be like. We recently bought a 200C with all options and for its class it's outstanding. I think Fiat is trying to make a statement for sure with it, but time will tell if Fiat quality beats out the old. So, anyway it's too soon to say how Fiat/Chrysler quality will compare to Chrysler of days gone by. Your the second person who has slammed Chrysler but who doesn't seem appraised of the changes in ownership.
    12-13-15 07:09 AM
  2. app_Developer's Avatar
    Whoa. Didn't know they sold most of it off last July.
    Fiat (FCA) stills owns most of Ferrari.
    12-13-15 07:47 AM
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