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    Good to see that John Chen is putting money where his mouth is. He has a very lucrative deal in stock options over the next 5 years, so normally you would not think he would need to buy stock out of his own pocket.

    Now some may argue, spending ~200K (bought 25000 shares at $8.25) is no big deal for him, he is a rich guy. True. However, rich people aren't in the business of loosing money, clearly not the way to get rich! They may drop large cash on a yacht or whatever fancies them, but when it comes to money for investments? Its all business. While this does not guarantee anything, John could lose this money if things don't work out, but if there is anyone who knows the risk/reward equation better then anyone it is the CEO of the company.

    Good for you John.


    BB Latest Filings | Canadian Insider
    01-22-14 07:29 PM
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    01-22-14 07:33 PM

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