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    Drivers (short: SW interface between the OS and processor/chipset) have been a pretty clear barrier for BB10 as the limited sales numbers is nowhere close to bring interest for chipset makers, so that BlackBerry has to spend a lot of money (a large part of the device cost) just to get them done.

    Back in June, we've learned that Intel and QNX teamed up to build the "car of the future" (Intel and QNX team up to build a 'car of the future' | CrackBerry.com). But I can't stop thinking they will also use that project for shorter term scenario, car infotainement to name one.

    In my oversimplistic reading, this would mean QNX - Neutrino - has access (unknown form) to Intel's drivers.

    How far fetched is it to believe it could lead to an Intel powered BB10 device ?

    Please note: I'm not discussing either or not there will be another BB10, I'm searching for feasibility/technical answers. I'm not very familiar with these low level SW components and the implications for the OS ...

    Thanks in advance !
    09-28-15 04:53 AM
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    Summon thurask or Darcy...they are knowledgeable
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    09-28-15 04:56 AM
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    Although the SOC(system on a chip) is a large part of the drivers in a smartphone its by far not the only one. You've got accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, NFC, camera, radio, NAND etc, all of which BB must pay for or develop themselves. In some cases you could reuse parts from existing product lines and forgo size and performance advances in new chips but still its alot of extra work.
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    09-28-15 05:13 AM
  4. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Right, and in this case, Intel would have written the drivers for this project (that's part of their role in the partnership), but that doesn't mean that the chips and components used for the car are relevant to other things like smartphones, much like the piston from a VW Beetle isn't going to help you fix the blown piston in your Peterbuilt diesel rig, or vice versa. And having drivers for one specific chip doesn't mean you have them for the whole product line.

    Obviously I have no inside knowledge of this situation, but that's what I see.
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    09-28-15 11:03 AM

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