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    So many potential informations here (see bolded), I Mooooh-ed this for you, guys.
    Long interview (over 13 minutes) : The big comeback of BlackBerry in the US ?.
    P.S: Frank, you rock ! ... but next time, grab some water to fight the *cough*

    Frank Boulben

    Translation is my own, summarized so please feel free to improve it if you think it is necessary.

    Q: "is it a do or Die for BB"
    A: "It's exagerated. BB is in good shape, no debt, generated liquidities in former Q. We swap from an end-of-life OS to a brand new one and it is saluted everywhere."

    Q: "Take back market shares ? / What about the US ?"
    A: "Absolutely, the first countries we've launched Z10 prov it (UK : 1/3 buyers weren't former BB users, and we see this trend almost everywhere)."

    "US is the biggest market. 4K enterprise already testing BES10. Preorders at ATT and Vierzon are very encouraging, same trend than in Canada. All lights are green. Main products reviewers (as NYT) made very positive reviews."

    Q: "Barack Obama still using BB"
    A: Absolutely and he's not alone.

    Q: "Massive transformation; RIM to BlackBerry : why ?"
    A: "We have a very well kown and recognized brand, an icon in the tech area. RIM/BlackBerry was exposed as "Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry" and it was unadequated for several parts of the world where only BlackBerry is known. Additionnaly, our products were not named "BlackBerry" but Bold, Torch, Curve etc., contributing to brand dilution. We decided to focus back on this BlackBerry brand name : now 'I work for BlackBerry, I own a BlackBerry, I'm a BlackBerry share holder'. Q: "have you personnaly decided it ?" A:"I pushed for that, but this was already in the air and appeared natural from board to employees."

    Q: "One year since you joined the team for what is described by analysts as the biggest challenge in this industry ..."
    A: "A fantastic challenge was very appealing to me. But I'm not an all-in guy, I came because the prototypes of BB10 were very promising, operators and developers were positive, with a possible come-back as the third operator".

    Q: "What is your personal vision ?"
    A: "First, unify worldwide marketing (say the same thing globally). Wasn't before, each country with its own communication. (Alicia K, Formula One, one single campaign 'Keep moving').

    Q: "400 millions campaign for Samsung (more than appl) how does BB compare ?"
    A: "Our marketing approach is differentiated, alike our products. We have an amazing base of fans (FB: 24M, 4 M on TW) and whatever the country you'll find fans in every category (business, politics, media, young). We bet on word of the mouth by demonstrating BB10 face to face (hands on) and then amplified it over the Internet, with a lot of video demonstration the BB10 differentiators. We now amplify with communication and the launch. Budget : the biggest campaign in BB history.

    Q: "You have to put money on the table ?"
    A: "Absolutely, but you also have to offer a promise/message. The keep moving campaign focus on the BB10 differentiators (Hub 1 thumb operation, best touch keyboard of the market, BBM video and screen share, Balance to reconcile work and private). We insist on these points as our mantra.

    Q: "Late March in US: isn't that too late ?"
    A: "It's never too late to innovate. If our innovation is relevant and meets clients attempts, the timing will be OK."

    Q: "Why so late on the biggest market ?"
    A: "2yrs to raise a new platform is short. It's been a huge effort from BB teams and we acquired a lot of companies too. 24 months was a real challenge and we made it (exploit)."

    Q: "Lenovo ? Ca you stand alone ?"
    A: "We own a platform from top to bottom that we can innovate on. We are open to partnerships. Our board will look at any offer, if ever some are made. But we only focus for now on mobile computing, a platform that leads far beyond the smartphone. Our OS is in more than 45million cars in the world - that's pretty unknown - also in nuclear plants, high speed trains, Las Vegas gambling machines ... This new OS will offer opportunities for new developments for business, car, home."

    Q: "How do you picture BB in two years ?"
    A: "As the leader of mobile computing. We invented it (cut Q: "what does it mean ? above appl, Sam ?") This is not only a question of size. It's about innovation and the answer we bring on the table. As an example, you have the same calculation power in a Z10 than in lap/deskTop. Why, as a consumer would you have to buy SEVERAL PROCESSORS ? You can sport a smartphone and the peripherals you connect to (screens, wireless keyboards). But NOT another computing unit.
    This scenario, we are about to introduce it in several markets segments in Q and years to come. And that's how we are going to gain leadership in mobile computing."

    Q: "What's the current work ?"
    A: "embedded solutions (as demo in CES with QNX car2 - single OS BB10 for car, navigation, video, gaming, phone calls). That's the future.

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    Nice interview.
    03-20-13 05:30 AM
  3. Charles Martin1's Avatar
    Wow! Very good news!
    03-20-13 06:36 AM
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    This is what I am talking about. Common my American cousins, you know what you got to do :P

    PS. Wasn't it like only 2.5k enterprise customers a couple weeks back?

    4K enterprise already testing BES10. Preorders at ATT and Vierzon are very encouraging, same trend than in Canada.
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    03-20-13 07:27 AM
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    Par habitude, great find Mon Ami. This is another great intervire from Frank Boulden. I'm very impressed with him as the CMO. He always has the right answers, and I'm completely behind his vision for BlackBerry.

    Also, your translation was as flawless as can be! Bien jouer!
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    03-20-13 09:13 AM
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    I don't know why, but I like this interview more than any other BBRY has given! maybe it's the French way of doing journalism.
    I liked that she took samsung (without overselling) as an example to compare with Blackberry in stead of the iphone, which makes a lot of sense to me, since ain't nothing new from apple this year.
    anyway thanks @Superfly_fr for the finding and thanks BFMTV and Frank Boulben for a great and clean (except for the coughing) interview they did
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    03-22-13 10:47 AM
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    very nice .... blackberry is the choice!
    03-22-13 11:01 AM

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