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    A hiring agreement between new BlackBerry chief executive John Chen and the troubled smartphone maker could see him getting paid more than $85 million US.

    Documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission show that Chen will be paid a yearly salary of 1 million, and a performance bonus of 2 million.

    In a deal struck with Fairfax Financial earlier this week, BlackBerry agreed to hire Chen, known for turning around Sybase, as interim CEO and to give him a leadership role in restructuring the company.

    According to the filing he would be "responsible for the strategic direction, strategic relationships and organizational goals of BlackBerry."

    In addition to his salary, Chen will receive 13 million BlackBerry shares over the next five years Those shares are worth 84.6 million at the current market value of 6.51 per share on the New York Stock Exchange, but if he turns BlackBerry around, would be worth much more.

    Previous chief executive Thorsten Heins was in a line for a 55.6 million package if he was deposed because of a buyout. It is believed he left this week with a smaller payout of 22 million.

    BlackBerry has been in the process of reducing its expenses in an effort to refocus the business, a move which has included laying off 40 per cent of its staff, or about 4,500 employees.

    Fairfax backed off a proposal to buy the company and take it private, but agreed to a 1-billion finance package to buy the company time to restructure.

    According to the SEC filing, Fairfax committed to 250 million and the rest of the 1 billion in financing came from Mackenzie Financial Corp., Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Markel Financial, Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. and Qatar Holding LLC.

    Fairfax also agreed not to sell its 10 per cent stake in BlackBerry in the next year.

    Taken from CBC News


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    11-07-13 09:02 PM
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    11-07-13 09:13 PM
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    This is unbelievably offensive. Makes me sick as a shareholder. Board has no shame or sense of responsibility. They should all be fired.

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    11-07-13 09:15 PM
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    CBC News seem to be more accurate with their figures. Not that it matters; it's disguting however you slice it.

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    11-07-13 10:19 PM

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