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    BlackBerry is in talks with rival technology groups about partnerships to compete with the newly forged alliance between Apple and IBM.
    John Chen, chief executive, said the Canadian technology group was in early discussions with companies about working together in parts of the enterprise market. He declined to comment on which companies were in discussions.

    BlackBerry looks to partnerships to compete with Apple and IBM venture - FT.com

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    07-25-14 03:32 AM
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    If I'm a betting man its either oracle,sap or Microsoft. These are companies that align well with blackberry and I'm sure john Chen has some good contacts at all these companies. These are the major players. Doubtful its another hardware company. Most likely software and big enterprise players wanting a foothold in mobile.

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    07-25-14 04:16 AM
  3. eldricho's Avatar
    Very curious to see what comes out of this

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    07-25-14 04:20 AM
  4. rhon3g's Avatar
    Nice to see that BlackBerry is fighting...

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    07-25-14 04:26 AM
  5. sling's Avatar
    07-25-14 04:31 AM
  6. Witmen's Avatar
    I'm impressed to see that BlackBerry is taking this threat seriously instead of just laughing it off like a few of the posters here have done. Exciting news, hopefully they partner with the right people.
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    07-25-14 12:05 PM
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    I think SAP is a very good bet given Chen's history with that company.

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    07-25-14 02:16 PM
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    07-27-14 11:50 AM

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