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    Canadian smart-phone maker BlackBerry, which gave up its search for a suitor last year, is looking to generate revenues by licensing the highly secure enterprise version of its popular messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), across operating systems.

    Companies and even governments swear by the secure environment of BBM Protected, the enterprise version, and BlackBerry is looking to monetise this asset. The company will charge an annual fee of $30 (Rs 1,830), BlackBerry India MD, Sunil Lalwani disclosed. No date has been fixed, but it will happen soon, Lalwani told HT.

    BBM is already available across handsets and operating systems, but BBM Protected is not.

    The company had recently launched eBBM Suite, which brings together the convenience and usability of BBM with the additional security and compliance required by enterprise customers.

    The company will also launch two handsets in the next two months Passport and Classic in India. We have received tremendous inputs from youth segment, seeking QWERTY phones, said Lalawani.

    According to IDC, the global research firm, Black Berrys market share continued to slide in the first quarter of 2014 dropping to below 1% of the smartphone market from 2.9% a year ago.

    Smartphones now account for 63.1% of the worldwide mobile phone market, up from 50.7% a year ago.

    08-14-14 04:26 AM
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    Makes sense. But there's a huge amount of work to do if BlackBerry wants BBM to be the enterprise chat standard. Including:
    1. Making best-of-breed iOS and Android apps
    2. BBM on the desktop
    3. Conference video calling
    4. Hosted BBM-only as a service
    5. Integration with Google Contacts
    6. OpenID authentication

    And so on...

    They definitely squandered their advantage by letting BBM lie fallow for so long, and releasing half-baked Android and iOS versions. Heck, I think the BlackBerry version still needs a lot of work!
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    08-14-14 06:17 AM
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    Seems a little steep considering the BES licenses are already being payed for. Not sure in the US government space, where there is still huge efforts to save money and harder to get new spending approved, that they will be able to justify an additional $30/year/user. Hopefully they work out some enterprise wide licensing packages that the costs will be much lower for.

    Posted with a BlackBerry Z10
    08-14-14 06:45 AM
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    That would be very nice. And while they are at it, hope they the "Balance " available on all BB10 Devices for a yearly price too.

    Posted via CB10
    08-14-14 10:19 AM
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    That would be very nice. And while they are at it, hope they the "Balance " available on all BB10 Devices for a yearly price too.

    Posted via CB10
    BES Cloud will give you Balance... in the "preview" that you can access right now for free (don't have to be a beta member - but it might be regional). So you will be able to use it in the future when they move out of the "preview"... for "a" price.

    BBM Protect for cross platform.... based on reviews I read last week on Google Play and the App Store for the regular BBM. BlackBerry still has a ways to go before anyone starts paying for eBBM
    08-14-14 10:32 AM

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