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    It has to do with the APIs. You have to understand that most sophisticated apps are built through code reuse and supported through a third party service and few written 100% by the developer and supported through their own technology.

    For example, a developer could NOT use the Google Maps API; but, then as an amateur/hobbyist developer they would have to find an alternative to Google Maps. They likely lack the time and talent to write their own maps code and certainly do not have the resources to pay for or maintain their own maps data. Google is a very generous corporation in that it has many APIs and it offers them free of charge or for a low price.

    So as you can see, part of the reason Android and iOS have such great apps is due to back end platform support from Apple and Google. Microsoft maintains the C# programming language and the .NET platform just to make writing programs fast and easy for Windows! Conversely, BB10 suffers because it doesn't have as many great APIs and developer tools.

    Supporting an ecosystem is actually hard work and comes down more to than just having a lot of users!
    Actually, Google APIs don't depend on Google Services. I use the Google Maps API and it doesn't need services. And BB10 doesn't suffer as I have access to all the web APIs that are out there. And I have programmed for 35 years and I write for (iOS, Android and BB10) and BB10 is by far the best and most flexible development tool and uses common and well used languages.
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    If this allows connected Samsung devices to be "secured by BlackBerry ", the key advantage to having a BlackBerry device, in my opinion would be its efficiency/productivity vs Samsung's android app ecosystem.

    Efficiency/productivity is precisely what keeps me with BlackBerry, but losing those who would easily trade device efficiency for app ecosystem as long as the security is there, I feel, is a step toward the death of BB10.

    This has just been my pessimism... It's just, ugh, losing my BlackBerry device feels like it would add so much lag to my day.

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    I'm trying to understand what exactly a 'Samsung secured by BlackBerry' really is? Was/is BB given access to Samsung's OS source code so that they could add extra security into it? Or were they allowed to review Samsung's KNOX implementation and give it their stamp of approval? Or will they just be securing these phones like GOOD does it (just an app on the phone that portals into your work email, etc)? If option 2 or 3 then BB needs to be very careful how they word this partnership. The last thing they need is for an Android secured by them to get hacked, all while they never really had any say over how security on the handset was implemented.

    Which brings me to my second point. Assuming Android devices secured by BB are secure, but not as secure as BES-BB10 implementation then it stands to reason that there will always be a market for BB10 phones. Chen has stated he needs to sell 10 million devices per year to make a profit. I think this is doable. IMO, Chen would be crazy to get out of the handset business. If he can break even, and hang in there for a few more years until adoption/ecosystem grow, and the OS matures, he will have something really special on his hands. A company can't shrink itself to greatness. If BB gets out of HW today they will regret it because there will come a time when they want back in and it will only be that much harder for them to find their footing.
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    Agreed. BlackBerry seems to be positioning itself to be a leader securing the back-end communication between devices (as well as other software tools). I like the potential to expand beyond Samsung's phones to their other appliances, as suggested by someone else.

    I'm not worried about losing hardware sales. They only need to sell 10MM per year, which is a very small number in a world with billions of people. Several of their phones (pkb) have no competition and their OS does have other advantages. Its just about segmentation and restoring their brand.

    I think this is all a financial necessity to revive the company to growth and I commend what appears to be a series of good strategic moves by Chen and the leadership team.

    Still long the stock.

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