07-24-13 08:55 PM
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    I don't know how your rep could have been telling you in May that Sprint was pushing the date back, considering that the Sprint Q10 didn't clear the FCC until June. Could he have been trying to not lose you as a customer?
    had nothing to do with losing me as a customer. remember the phone was originally supposed to be on sale in the US in June. since we spoke at a government trade show, dealing with the DoD, and he was showing off military grade products offered by sprint, he would have first hand knowledge about the phones time table.

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    Sprint can suck it. Sprint used to have decent customer service, but they don't care about their customers anymore. I took one of my lines away after 13+ years with them, and my other line will be leaving next March. The way they treated me is a long long story, suffice it to say they suck. Best thing I ever did, cell phone wise, is leave that sorry *** company. T-Mobile appears to be the best company to have a Z with in the US anyway.

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    07-24-13 08:55 PM
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