1. mathking606's Avatar
    Hi I just checked Blackberry Appworld to see what kinds of new apps have hit for the all touch device(on webpage with filter) and I was surprised to see that the newest added item to be Blackberry Newstand. I was just wondering if this is already on the latest bb10 os release and if anybody with a dev alpha device could download this app to see what its like and post some screenshots.
    Here is the link: Free BlackBerry Newsstand - Download BlackBerry Newsstand - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World
    Comments would also be appreciated
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    11-22-12 07:25 PM
  2. greatwiseone's Avatar
    That is a very interesting find...the App World on the Dev Alpha is messed up right now. I'm hoping the OS update next week will let us really download BB10 apps through the BB10 App World.
    11-23-12 02:02 AM
  3. mathking606's Avatar
    Oh Really well thank you anyway for replying. I checked again and now see alot of popular games have also been ported like 10tons and angry birds space so maybe there just getting ready for next week.
    11-23-12 08:21 AM
  4. Darlaten's Avatar
    If anyone's interested, check out the link to Pixel Mags for BlackBerry Newstand for BB10 here 'BlackBerry Newsstand - PixelMags

    If you recall, Pixel Mags had indicated that they were going to support the Playbook with magazines. This was around the time that Zinio launched for the Playbook. I'm guessing that they ultimately decided to wait until the new OS comes out.
    12-25-12 11:18 PM
  5. greatwiseone's Avatar
    It was on the dev alpha in one of the os drops, but then when I reloaded the os, it wasn't there anymore. It's the same as iOS' newsstand.
    12-25-12 11:58 PM
  6. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    I downloaded it onto my Dev Alpha, it looks awesome visually.
    Also, I just noticed LinkedIn released their application for BlackBerry 10.
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    12-26-12 11:54 AM
  7. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    I downloaded it onto my Dev Alpha, it looks awesome visually.
    Pics or didn't happen!!
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    12-26-12 11:58 AM
  8. aragone79's Avatar
    I downloaded it onto my Dev Alpha, it looks awesome visually.
    Also, I just noticed LinkedIn released their application for BlackBerry 10.
    Already blended into default apps for both newstand and linkedin
    12-26-12 12:13 PM
  9. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    Ask, and you shall receive.
    Blackberry Newstand-img_00000053.jpg Blackberry Newstand-img_00000054.jpg Blackberry Newstand-img_00000055.jpg Blackberry Newstand-img_00000056.jpg
    12-26-12 12:17 PM
  10. BBThemes's Avatar
    yup, i have the `all about space` issue 6 on my phone, its not a bad read heres a pic of the inside of a mag for everyone

    12-26-12 01:17 PM
  11. Gerii's Avatar
    "Not available for this device" :/
    12-26-12 02:27 PM
  12. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    That looks pretty darn sweet!!
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    12-26-12 03:40 PM
  13. koolrosh's Avatar
    The design of the this app looks really good. I hope they will have many top name magazines. Especially business magazines.
    12-27-12 12:45 AM
  14. JPMorgan_'s Avatar
    Me too!! we need top business magazines to be available or it will be useless to me
    12-27-12 12:06 PM

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