10-16-13 01:45 AM
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    Heh, I can't speak for Bold until Hybrid, but I assume he is referring to Heins conspicuous absence during what is obviously the most troubled moment in BB's history - it is essentially the end of the company as we knew it - regardless of what happens.

    This has lead some to speculate that Heins is already "out" in some way - I don't know whether that is true or not - but it's very plausible. I doubt very much that (though it's also possible) that he'll be relieved of title before the current sale is resolved but whether or not he is still calling all the shots is an open question.

    One thing I can say for sure is that, Heins obviously no longer cares if anyone believes he is in charge or not, he is clearly not concerned with reassuring anyone. Not only has he not made a special appearance during this time - of all times(!) - he has withdrawn from expected appearances eg. launch, earnings call, etc. That in itself creates high speculation and in fact creates by itself a "heins situation". He obviously has not wanted - or has not been allowed - to make a statement. The fact that he did not sign this letter....or even make it "T Heins and the team at BB"....brings attention to this fact again.

    Again, the one certain thing: he is either not allowed to make any kind of statement, or he doesn't want to, and doesn't care that it leads to more uncertainty and speculation about the company and himself - the latter is not a good thing if you wish to instill confidence in clients or stockholders.
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    10-15-13 06:36 AM
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    It would be difficult to say what Heins cares about with any certainty even if you knew him. I'm going to guess he cares that BlackBerry is struggling though.

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    I suspect he long ago made peace (likely before BB10 was launched) that the company was heading towards failure, and that his only real chance to bee seen as a "success" was to get a deal....well before now. At this point, I imagine he is not enjoying the situation, is stuck in various negotiations and political maneuvering for the interests of the company, and for himself, but, he is probably fairly content - probably much moreso than many of the BB employees facing the axe. He knows he is set for life....no matter what, soon he will be extremely wealthy, and able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He will have countless opportunities to move on to other positions, or he can simply bury himself in his cash and watch TV all day....he'll be just fine.

    In terms of him caring about BB....well i'm sure he'd like to have the final deal portray himself as positively as possible...but beyond that, I doubt he has much vested interest in whoever takes ownership, or whatever should remain of BB. "His" spearhead - bb10 is completely done - and he has fired over half the employees. Whatever remains - it won't be associated (in a positive way anyways) with him.
    10-15-13 06:40 AM
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    Your welcome....to add: the on thing I could say in defense of Heins' absenteeism, is that: I don't think it would make any real difference anyways....and very little difference in perception.....
    10-15-13 06:45 AM
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    I like your posts but this is bizarrely disingenuous of you. How do you know that they're about to be broken up? The odds are still either going private or maintaining the status quo while reducing costs, which will effectively get them to break-even per quarter or better. Google has stated they've dropped out of the equation. The point too is that the board probably has a good read already on what they expect to happen. Otherwise they would wait until Nov. 4, it's only a few weeks away. That's my take. I think you are reading more than is there by the letter. It's half advertising half plea, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's dishonest as you are clearly implying.

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    There really is no business case to be made for keeping Blackberry together. If the Fairfax deal happens, it will be underwritten by investors who want a return in a relatively short time. The only way to achieve this is to kill BB10 and find business models around the rest of the assets. Even if this doesn't mean breaking up the company, it certainly means exiting the handset business. If the Fairfax deal doesn't happen, and no other buyer shows immediate interest, there will be a fire sale for any and all parts of the company that can find a buyer.
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    10-15-13 09:35 AM
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    I think Blackberry had to do something to counter all the NWO style articles about the being dead despite they are far from a bankruptcy at this point. The purpose of the negative press about Blackberry is to steer people away from Blackberry to US operating systems that is controlled by the NWO mafia. Blackberry is in a difficult position here as they want to have a viable business despite all this negative press.
    10-15-13 01:37 PM
  6. tmanthib's Avatar
    I'm happy with the letter and my Z10. I'm looking for good things to happen with them and all this negative outlook does no good. A lot of speculation is going on here. If you like BlackBerry, then hope for the best, what harm could that do.

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    10-15-13 10:45 PM
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    Lol how many times is BlackBerry going to apologize to its customers?

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    10-16-13 01:45 AM
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