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    Supposedly DeCarta is the new blackberry search engine for maps.

    "LBS platform supplier deCarta today announced it is now providing the local search function for a major mobile handset manufacturer.

    deCarta has not revealed the name of their new customer, but sources outside the company and familiar with the matter said this new customer is smartphone maker Blackberry.
    See more at: LillyFoxBlogs.com

    Apparently they have been powering search since August 7.

    I have not noticed a difference and indeed I had to today use Google maps to find RNF Industries in Surrey BC. BlackBerry maps cannot find it.

    So I hope DeCarta has yet to be implemented, because what we got still needs work.

    Anybody know more, or notice a difference? Supposedly DeCarta replaces Google but that can't be right, BlackBerry maps POI was not equal to Google.

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    Sorry about all the formatting junk, not sure why that shows... it was not there when I wrote it.

    Edit - Cleaned the formatting junk up.

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    That's odd. Is dacarta any good? Did they already implement it or will they in the future (10.3?)

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    08-28-14 11:43 PM
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    That is what I am wondering, will it be implemented in the future with 10.3?

    But they say they have been powering search since August 7.

    Also I think I read they are using Tom Tom data, so maybe we don't get more POI, but we get a search that is more tolerant of spelling errors etc.

    I honestly haven't noticed a difference. If someone can shed some more light on this...

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    08-29-14 12:57 AM
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    08-29-14 06:26 AM
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    I believe it's already up...I've noticed a distinct improvement in rural areas.

    Eazzy Peazzy
    08-29-14 07:50 AM
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    According to the link they are still using TomTom for nav and POI info. The navigation was never the problem. I don't see how this helps much.

    Google has the advantage of boots on the ground spending 100s of millions on that data. There is just no way a smaller company can compete with that.
    08-29-14 11:13 AM
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    Would have been nice if they chose here maps instead of their current solution like Samsung just did:
    Nokia/here Maps never let me down when I used it on my Symbian and MeeGo phones and they've got offline map support.

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    08-30-14 03:46 PM
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    Yeah, I also wondered about Nokia Here maps when I read the Sammy news.

    I think in the end Nokia, Tom Tom and Garmin are all relatively poor for POI cf Google. But it would have been nice to have a robust baked in offline map like Nokia Here.

    So deCarta is more error resistant and effective in getting into the existing POI database, although it is subtle and I didn't notice it - or maybe my infrequent maps use contributes to my lack of awareness.

    It would have been nice to see a before and after when this deCarta change was made so we can assess what really changed.

    I guess it is too late for that. It would have been nice for Crackberry to have done a little article on this... showing the difference.

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    08-31-14 11:57 AM

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