07-23-15 05:38 AM
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    So many opinions on this, most lively thread here for years!

    Personally I would be happy with an android/blackberry. I currently have a Q10 as my personal phone and an S5 droid for work (our company ditched blackberry for android/BYOD + good.com). Having only played with old droids that I thought were rubbish, I have really enjoyed my S5. Even writing mails is fine. I would love to see a combination of the two; a slider that gives me the lovely Samsung screen but with a sliding keyboard for longer mails, and the android app environment but with an integrated BlackBerry hub, calendar and BBM then I will be very happy!

    The big opportunity here for leading the market IMO with a BlackBerry android is to finally nail dual sim, so that work and play phones can finally be 1 using the nest of both OS worlds...

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    07-23-15 05:38 AM
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