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    People, fans, users the world over of emails ...

    We should ALL know how email works, the basic travel of emails, and to be quite honest anyone that has used a computer and a smartphone of ANY OS should know how to Compose/Reply/Reply-to-All/Forward/Delete/and finally File an email. What I'm trying to say is Email on a mobile device is as old as PIM on a PDA device ... this is NOT rocket science here.

    Imagine my immediate disdain on the following article based on the issue that is Hillary Clinton.

    A BlackBerry Here, iPhone There: Clinton Reveals E-Mail Anarchy

    BlackBerry Conquered Emails - Corporations & Government get it together already!-1200x-1.jpg

    I mean comeon ... BlackBerry conquored mobile email about 2 decades ago (corporate/government) and for consumers about 15 years ago!

    BlackBerry exhibit, precisely:
    Mobile email, calendar, contacts, notes (memos with an alarm for a reminder is a task), tasks, shared drive access, encrypted email (on a mobile device), and ALL the while doing so with minimal data consumption, and minimal battery consumption.

    So why is it that all these new kids and since the iPhone debuted that corporations and governments alike have been having HUGE expenditures, corporate security leaks, policy's overturned and disregarded and ignored, began a few years ago when exchange administrators being shown up at a showdown of new devices within an environment about what "SHOULD" vs "SHOULDN'T" be allowed access. I've personally seen this at 3 major financial consultancy/financial and mining corporations roughly 4yrs ago. The corporation I work for has got it right from day one!

    Usually, the lack of corporate knowledge of policy's and various device discipline starts with executives being far too needy, greedy and appeased when they say 'I have this new device given to me as a gift, it's cool I want it to work in the corporate environment'. Which is corporate speech for 'I say jump, you say which floor to jump from believing you can fly'. Some of you may see it from the young hipster trying to flash off and make an impression, yet they don't have the real pull to make major things happen. See executives no matter where trump expectations of, policy's to adhere to ... and when one is challenged the other in your line of I.T. support, even beyond the CIO will get trumped (some corporations have HR above the CIO; a major mistake in my humble opinion which aligns specifically with my views/experience on this topic).

    The real issues at hand causing all that is wrong with what Hilary Clinton had done or even being typical with accessing corporate data while being mobile (email, intranet/internet, and files/sharepoint) along with the majority of users hating on BlackBerry has backfired. It all begins with lack of knowledge, vision, and adhering to policies.

    To put it all plainly ... BlackBerry Bizblog put it just so eloquently ...

    Hillary Clinton?s E-mail: Lessons Learned | | Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog

    Hillary Clintons alleged use of a personal e-mail account for sensitive government communication has received lots of media attention. Clintons stated reason for using the private account was an unwillingness to carry two devices: one for personal use and one for work. TV pundits speculate on her motives and how mobile technology may have been used or abused. But if we move past the politics, what should we really take away from this situation?

    First, security depends on humans, as well as technology, doing the right thing. POTUS could tweet top secret information but chooses not to. We must always think how to minimize privilege, including access to sensitive information. Secondly, technologists must make security easy to use otherwise users will intentionally or inadvertently circumvent controls in order to get their jobs done.

    Another aspect important to understand is the impact of government regulation on mobility for people like Clinton: current U.S. policy does not permit concurrent access to general Internet services and a classified network on a single commercial smartphone. This is known as a cross-domain solution (CDS), and so far cross-domain access is limited only to specialized PCs and thin clients operating in physically-secure locations.
    So why in the world with BES10 and now BES12 is the USA Government or ANY corporation in this same or similar predicament ...

    [QUOTE]The U.S. government is struggling to tame a technological free-for-all for its 2.7 million civilian employees and their myriad phones, tablets and other devices. Whats emerged is a patchwork quilt of rules and practices that vary from agency to agency, all of which leave room for interpretation[/QUOTE]

    ^ There ... Bloomberg has specifically identified the issue!! Why in heaven's name is this STILL an issue with BYOD at the very basic of this free-for-all myriad of devices some 5yrs ago had began?

    Oh I know why ...

    You have a lot of people who want to use their own device, said Daniel Castro, vice president of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a Washington-based think tank. You have people bringing in their iPhones because they didnt want to use a BlackBerry.
    Because they KNOW they'd have to adhere to corporate policy! And that policy is there for a damn good reason!

    To coin a phrase from Loaded Lux ... 2015 their gonna see, their gonna find out ... their gonna 'Get this work! And they gonna love it!'

    And finally this from the above article ..

    If they decide the rules dont apply to them, and you cant install security, you cant monitor and even track what they do, then youve created a blind spot, said Bob Hansmann, director of product security for Austin, Texas-based Websense Inc. You cant defend what you cannot see.
    Bob .. if your policies where corporate wide, and corporate email had EAS locked down on a mutliple person approval process - via workflow that is TRACKED this would NOT happen in the first place! There would be no blind spot nothing you could NOT see because with weekly reports this would've been stopped back in 2009! Obviously there was no memo that nobody is above government policy's.
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    03-18-15 04:59 PM
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    I honestly think it's time for BlackBerry to put out an indepth 90 second TV/internet spot on how to properly and effectively use emails while mobile ... seem to have been LOST on the current tide of devices.

    After all the apps, social media interactions, public websites, shopping and junk ... if you cannot manage email without being or be seen as an asshat then you are never going to hold a worthwhile job/career that will give you the money to spend, nor the luxury to enjoy these wants/benefits.

    Is the concept of working the issue?
    03-18-15 05:03 PM
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    Lots of people never use email outside of school and work. Messengers are far more immediate, convenient,.and in many cases, more secure.

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    03-29-15 01:12 AM
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    Lots of people never use email outside of school and work. Messengers are far more immediate, convenient,.and in many cases, more secure.

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    Even at the university level - students see email as some weird hangover from their parents.

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    Lots of people never use email outside of school and work. Messengers are far more immediate, convenient,.and in many cases, more secure.

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    My 18 year old thinks exactly the same.....email is a thing of the past. However, if you look at the content he and peers exchange, it's all pretty pedestrian stuff. Hopefully, that will change once he gets out into the "real" world where the content he will need to work with is more sensitive and hence the need to be secured. It's only at that point he will "get" why encryption and security has value, but at this point in his life he just can't see it.

    Unfortunately, many organizations have succumbed to the lure of lower costs and employee insistence to use their personal phones at work, or not to have to carry two devices. So, we now have the situation described in the article of a "patchwork" of solutions, software and devices all in hopes that nothing bad happens.

    It's only a matter of time before a nasty breach occurs and these same proponents will scatter and hide when the punishments are being handed out, which will fall directly on the technology groups who were told to implement by these same (now scarce) upper management types.

    Success has many siblings....but failure is an orphan
    03-29-15 09:51 AM
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    Hillary used a separate email server to avoid having her emails tracked by Sarbanes Oxley legislation. At the time there was no BB10, no BES 10. BlackBerry wouldn't have prevented the Hillary situation because she wanted to keep email separate completely, it was never about one device. She is saying that to avoid saying it was about skirting the law.

    There were/are initiatives to use iPhones and iPad because BBOS sucked and was a one trick pony in communication. People hate small screened PKB devices that were BBOS, and the name BlackBerry is tied to that image. BB10 is really only now just being deployed, but the app situation is still there. They were late and it opened doors. Hard to close opened doors.

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    03-29-15 10:57 AM
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    OP, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

    I also must admit I fell asleep halfway reading your *???*.
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    03-29-15 02:58 PM
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    OP, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

    I also must admit I fell asleep halfway reading your *???*.
    Good for you on the hate. There was no point to wake yourself up just to post this. Enjoy the 10 seconds of fame, nobody forced you to read it.
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    03-31-15 08:38 PM
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    Good for you on the hate. There was no point to wake yourself up just to post this. Enjoy the 10 seconds of fame, nobody forced you to read it.
    No hate here, rest assured.

    You need to learn how to make a point.
    04-02-15 09:54 AM

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