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    Eight minutes on BlackBerry, Android apps and piracy ... | Android Central

    Curious to see reactions on cb. They seem quite conservative, a bit anxious, very pissed off and overall not ok to have amazon app store and the likes on BlackBerry 10 but ok to have pretty offensive content on the play store...seems that the DROID defenders are not so open minded as their favorite OS...i wonder why they are so pissed ? I get the argument that a side loaded converted app is not ok but since amazon said that there was no problem with their tos...? I don't see the issue there. I even bought apps on the Amazon app store and it works fine.

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    11-24-13 03:29 PM
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    11-24-13 03:33 PM
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    Oops thanks. Mods feel free to delete this one

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    11-24-13 03:35 PM
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    11-24-13 03:36 PM

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