11-01-13 03:19 PM
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  1. trwrt's Avatar
    No, seriously, how do prisoners have phones? And cell phones at that?

    I don't see this is as anti-BBRY news, nor do I think the OP was trying to bash BBRY for the inmates using a BBRY.

    When I first read the thread title I actually said to myself, "Yup, they knew exactly which phone and IM app to use for that particular job..." and I think that's what the OP was thinking as well as trying to get across.

    You know you're number #1 in privacy/security when prisoners use your device. Prisoners are some of the sneakiest and cleverest at keeping things hidden and on the down-lo when they're locked up "on the inside". When a prisoner wants to keep things a secret, and they choose a BBRY and BBM, that says something...
    Well, that legendary BlackBerry security didn't seem to help them very much in this case, did it? That's what I was getting at with my little joke above which apparently was a bit too deadpan. All the security tech in the world won't help if you use it in a stupid way, like not setting a password on your phone for example.
    10-30-13 02:08 PM
  2. blackmoe's Avatar
    So, you guys are saying that security is more a matter of the user than of the technology? Gee whiz, who'da thunk it...
    10-30-13 02:10 PM
  3. canuckvoip's Avatar
    In other news, Goodyear tires were used on a getaway car...
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    10-31-13 11:34 AM
  4. JR A's Avatar
    Nice to see some other pro-2A CB'ers
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    11-01-13 12:59 AM
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    This thread has suddenly gone very weird..

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    11-01-13 03:19 PM
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