03-11-15 09:45 PM
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    And what part of your anatomy did you pull those numbers out of? BlackBerry haters just hate and that is something between sad and pathetic. I believe Chen has a better understanding of the situation and I think he peg active users at 120 million as of December

    Does this need to be said over and over. BBM is a secure messaging platform that has excellent value added services. Simple, effective and private. With Whatsapp, you are nothing more than the commodity; your information and private life are bought and sold. If you haven't figured it out, they view you as the economic equivalent as a prostitute. I guess some people are OK with this. Sort of shows where society is going.

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    The 90M MAU has been referenced/sourced several times in CB last updated at January CES.

    Guess this is a non-biased enough site for you. BBM Reaches Major Milestone ? 100 Million Downloads in Google Play Store |

    I know some have asked how this is possible given that BBM reported 90 million active users. The fact that there are more downloads than active users is very common for all apps and BlackBerry seems to use a metric that measure actual active users. Those who use the app on a regular basis as apposed to number being thrown out by other messaging services which almost certainly aren’t representative of actual activity.
    Previous to that, the last MAU given by BB was in the fall ER call which was 91M MAU.

    WhatsApp has made tremendous gains in BBM stronghold Indonesia so don't be surprised if the next ER is also silent on MAU.
    03-11-15 12:35 PM
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    Question is:

    WhatsApp is pretty much just copying your phone book to their servers and matches it with others. So it's fairly easy to get a high count there.

    How many people do you really and regularly communicate with using this app?


      "Oh Classic, you are the fairest here so true. But Passport is a thousand times more powerful than you..." (no offense, Classic is a great device, when it's charged)  
    700 million people use Whatsapp at least once a month. It's one of the largest social networks in the world. There are many sources on Whatsapp's astonishing growth, and I have not seen any evidence that it is lying about the number of active users. This number isn't registered users, its monthly active users, the same metric BBM uses to count active users.

    03-11-15 08:51 PM
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    I say BlackBerry gives people an option to sign up BBM for pin# or phone number.

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    03-11-15 09:21 PM
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    Using BBM cut my international call to zero. At no cost with high quality sound and no time limit. It's a no brainer. BBM all the way and cross platforms also.

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    03-11-15 09:45 PM
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