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    BlackBerry announced yesterday that as of June 28 almost all BBM features will no longer available.

    Upcoming changes to BBM Consumer for BB10 and BBOS devices:

    BBM Channels will no longer be available on BB10 and BBOS devices
    BBM Groups will no longer support groups with a combination of BB10 / BBOS participants and Android / iOS participants
    BBM Groups will continue to support groups with only BB10 and BBOS participants, or groups with only Android and iOS participants
    As part of our winddown of BlackBerry World, the BBM Shop will no longer offer paid sticker packs or subscriptions on BB10 and BBOS devices though free content will continue to be available
    Display pictures will not be visible between BB10 / BBOS users and Android / iOS users

    Importantly, BB10 / BBOS users of BBM Consumer will continue to be able to send and receive 1:1 messages with BBM Consumer Android and iOS users.

    Here's the offical post in full:

    Upcoming Changes to BBM Consumer for BB10 and BBOS | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog
    06-09-18 03:07 PM
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    This is already being discussed here: https://forums.crackberry.com/showth...1#post13205333

    Please join that discussion.
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    06-09-18 03:14 PM

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