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    Not sure if you looked at the recent 6-k filing but, there is an entry in there that shows that the number of devices that were sold (doesn't necessarily mean that they are recognized) in the 3rd quarter were something like 3.5 million; BlackBerry recognized sales of approximately 2 million but, here is the kicker, those 2 million included devices that were sold in the second quarter - these devices had very low ASP (this was the reason for revenue shortfall). Also, the percentage of Passport sales that were recognized in Q3 was well below 10% and, Passport sales have an above 40% margin attached to it.

    BTW: device revenue recognition is all legal and BlackBerry's revenue recognition seems to span over 2 quarters. The reason I say this is because the 6-k's guidance for the next quarter states that the revenue in the next quarter may be lower as well (it could be a combination of drop in SAF revenue as well).

    Please do your own analysis as well, this is just my personal interpretation of what I read.

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    Another point of view: It's getting easier and easier for them to exit the device market if sales figures don't rise in 2015. For pure smartphone users (what most Crackberry users are) it's getting worse and worse. Most users here won't care about the ongoing existence of a company named Blackberry that sells MDM management software and QNX OS.
    That's how I read it. Easier to exit is obviously the extreme approach, but showing that they are less vulnerable to devices alone at a minimum.
    01-09-15 06:23 AM
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