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    We've heard Chen statement about Knox and the serious competitor it will be in the future. Yet, as of date, Knox (the Samsung security suite) has received a poor welcome ... This time, Chen's team is not wearing gloves, the attack is frontal, almost brutal.

    Full article here : Enterprise Mobility Should Not be Risky Business | Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog

    Most recently, researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev announced that they discovered a major vulnerability that allows a hacker to easily intercept data of a Knox-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Ultimately, Samsung provided a statement that the vulnerability was with Android, but this shows the challenge that Samsung has with continually developing Knox to survive in a hostile environment.
    Coupled with previous issues that have come to light regarding their security, this critical vulnerability calls into question – is Knox ready for the enterprise and government customers who cannot risk the security of their mobile data?
    With Samsung still battle testing its enterprise platform and fixing security bugs, industries that require the most stringent security needs can trust that there’s nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server – period. And that’s why we are the only enterprise mobility management vendor and handset maker that has received the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification.
    Blue Hill Research reminds us that Samsung announced Knox at Mobile World Congress in February 2013, and nearly a year later customers are still waiting to go into full production. Frankly, this is because security is hard and it is not possible to condense thousands of person years of learning into 12 short months.
    More, the intoducing tweet is ... well, see by yourself !
    [BB Blog] Enterprise Mobility Should Not be Risky Business (a serious direct slap to Knox)-capture.png

    Go Chen, nuke them ! (this is a joke, of course)
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    01-21-14 10:11 AM
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    Yeah blackberry
    01-21-14 10:31 AM
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    This is why BlackBerry didn't go with Android. The route they took was tougher, making a full modern OS off of the QNX micro kernel, but the end result is a broad FIPS certification that Samsung and Apple can only dream of. Any device that runs an ARMV7 processor and the approved Neutrino Kernel and approved crypto Kernel is instantly approved under the current approval certificate. They still executed everything poorly, and made the transition longer than it should have been, but the decision to go QNX was the correct one.

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    01-21-14 10:36 AM
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    Talking about hiring a new, aggressive President for enterprise services! This is great. When you are the best, let everyone know. Don't take any prisoners. Let's face it, BlackBerry competition is trying to take its business away so it's more than time to go on the attack. Good to see. Keep it coming.

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    01-21-14 11:10 AM
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    new guy flexing his muscles :P

    whats funny is Samsung does the same thing when they market their products they attack the competition so give them a taste of their own medicine
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    01-21-14 11:37 AM

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