11-15-13 03:41 AM
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  1. jscan44's Avatar
    I am in Australia and purchased the Q10 shortly after release (since no stock was available on the supposed release)

    However the local arm of Blackberry in Australia sure did stuff up the Q10's release so badly I almost defected to the S4.

    On the release date the second network provider Optus had no stock available at any of their Victorian stores until 3-4 days after the slated release. Many did not even know what the device was, nor did the stores have a working display.
    Optus blamed Blackberry for not providing them with the stock on time.

    There was also a shortage of stock throughout the first two weeks once it was finally made available. I was told most stores only received 5-10 units which is pathetic.

    The so called 'managing director' of Blackberry here Matthew Ball and his team are clueless.
    The local fb page of Blackberry is dire and poorly managed.

    Marketing and promotion of the new devices was too little, too late in my opinion.

    They could have had alot more success in Australia if they had capable people in the right positions.
    11-15-13 03:29 AM
  2. bennelong's Avatar
    Absolutely! The store reps here are certainly on par with those in The States from what I hear.
    I had to struggle almost to get a BlackBerry out of them when they (there were two) alternately sung the virtues of their own 'differing' platforms.
    It really is a peer pressure/ support group thing which motives these younger salespeople I think.
    Although I can hardly blame them as BB10 was (and still is) such a new device.

    Z10 via CB10
    11-15-13 03:41 AM
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