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    Yet more social network privacy issues came to light. I just read this article and I was wondering how many more privacy issues we are bound to see, especially with the recent Snapchat privacy breach fresh in our memory.

    Facebook faces suit for mining 'private' messages | News24

    Washington - Facebook has been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging the social networking behemoth gleans data from purportedly private messages, in violation of users' rights.

    Two plaintiffs claim the site scans private correspondence between users for links to third-party websites, sharing that information with the likes of "advertisers, marketers and other data aggregators".

    The suit accuses Facebook of violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California privacy laws.

    Facebook has "systematically violated consumers' privacy by reading its users' personal, private Facebook messages without their consent," said the complaint, filed 30 December in the US District Court for Northern California.

    "Representing to users that the content of Facebook messages is 'private' creates an especially profitable opportunity for Facebook, because users who believe they are communicating on a service free from surveillance are likely to reveal facts about themselves that they would not reveal had they known the content was being monitored," it said.

    The suit was brought forth by two Facebook users from different US states, Matthew Campbell of Arkansas and Michael Hurley of Oregon.

    It was filed on behalf of all US Facebook members who have used the site to send or receive a message that includes a link

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    01-04-14 02:36 AM
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    Interesting situation. But, I do recall a recent change in the TOS that may have some sneaky language included that covers Facebook on this.

    Things like this always remind me about the South Park episode about Kyle updating his iPad...

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    01-04-14 02:41 AM
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    Well I guess we will have to see what prevails from the court proceedings. What is interesting is that there seems to be an increase in social media establishments that are being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. If BlackBerry wants to take advantage to monetize BBM and subtly play on perceived or real security and privacy, now would not be a bad time.

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    01-04-14 09:49 AM
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    I never used Facebook. I always found it a site for losers and girls.

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    01-04-14 10:16 AM
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    If it's a bot that scans the messages but only recognizes links then that may be a way out... and honestly, not so bad

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    01-05-14 12:21 PM

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