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    Stephen Bates, chief of BlackBerry's enterprise software and services unit, had one tough job this week: Convince corporate customers that the company will be around and can be a leading mobile device management player.

    You know the BlackBerry tale by now. The device division is a wreck after a new operating system and smartphones failed to become hits. The company announced a horrible quarter. BlackBerry looked like it was in a death spiral, but then Fairfax Financial stepped in with an offer to take it private. Fairfax set a floor in BlackBerry's market value and now rumors abound that enterprise giants are poking around at parts of the company.

    This story could be about BlackBerry's last gasp. It could also be about how BlackBerry's infrastructure will live on and play a big role in the mobile ecosystem even if the company is broken up. No one quite knows at the moment how this saga will play out, but BlackBerry's enterprise rivals appear to be benefiting.

    • Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt said inquiries from BlackBerry customers have surged in recent weeks. "We've seen a massive change in calls in the last two weeks about BlackBerry migrations," said Wyatt.
    • AirWatch CEO John Marshall said his small Canadian sales team has seen leads spike since the BlackBerry woes surfaced. "Companies were willing to kick the can down the road on BlackBerry migrations, but that last earnings report scared a lot of people," said Marshall.
    • Multiple mobile device management players such as MobileIron and dozens of others are seeing similar inquiries.

    Bates' countermove was simple: Talk to as many customers as possible. "We're going to focus on what were good at," said Bates. "If we get past this phase we can connect any mobile endpoint and I'm trying to organize the company to make that vision a reality."

    "In the meantime, I'm getting fit for the next round," said Bates.
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    BlackBerry tries to hold enterprise software, services fort; Customers wary | ZDNet
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    10-11-13 11:09 AM
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    My agency has started looking at Good and Mobile Iron.
    10-11-13 12:27 PM
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    How does he convince customers that the company will be around?

    I got it, it's a decent assumption, but an assumption still. As an IT manager, investing in enterprise software that you need right now, can you tell your boss with certainty to buy from BlackBerry?
    10-11-13 12:51 PM
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    Enterprise wants SECURITY!

    Knowing that a service will bet there is six months is a form of SECURITY that BlackBerry BES10 does not currently offer as one of it's features. I believe they are working on that feature and it is "coming soon", if you want to wait.
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    10-11-13 12:58 PM

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