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    What if Amazon had bought BlackBerry?

    "Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the Amazon Fire announcement, however, is not the lack of key apps but rather that it all but extinguishes any hope that Amazon might buy the struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry, release a BlackBerry phone instead of an Android phone and then migrate its many customers to the BlackBerry operating system.

    When BlackBerry was actively being shopped around late last year, Amazon was one of the companies in the frame as a potential buyer. The deal wouldn’t have a been a perfect fit — BlackBerry has a corporate focus that Amazon lacks, outside of its cloud services — but it might have made sense in a couple of ways.

    BlackBerry’s operating system, too, contains a forked version of Android, meaning it is likewise hampered by the lack of access to Google Play services and all the apps that use it. BlackBerry’s version of Android runs as a sort of virtual operating inside the BlackBerry operating system.

    Had Amazon purchased BlackBerry, it could have released a BlackBerry phone sporting the Amazon Android store, and then slowly moved its Amazon e-commerce apps off Android and onto the more secure BlackBerry OS.

    BlackBerry’s military-grade security would almost certainly have made it a safer platform for Amazon’s e-commerce ambitions, and the novel operating system would have solved Amazon’s problem of having an inferior version of Android. With BlackBerry OS, it could have had a major point of differentiation, and would have been able to strike out on its own, away from Google’s clutches. As it stands, its version of Android is only going to appear more feeble over time, as Google Play services takes on more and more importance with every passing year.

    Curiously, though, at roughly the same time Amazon announced the Fire, BlackBerry announced a deal with Amazon that will have the Amazon app store running on the next version of the BlackBerry operating system.

    It helps to solve BlackBerry’s problem with Android, because BlackBerry’s own Android fork has even fewer apps than Amazon’s Android fork, but mostly it just serves to remind us of what might have been.

    An Amazon Fire smartphone running BlackBerry OS? Now that would have created some smoke at the very least. "

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    Don't know quite how this would have benefited Amazon. One would think it is cheaper to fork AOSP then to buy BlackBerry and put your Amazon fork on BB10.
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    06-19-14 01:32 AM
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    I think you're right. It wouldn't make financial sense for Amazon to buy BlackBerry. Amazon has too much invested in its forked Android version to buy BlackBerry and use BB10. They have a pretty good ecosystem on their own, their devices are decent, and they offer content. Plus they don't have the stigma that BlackBerry has for many people. Finally, customers and products that BlackBerry and Amazon are (in general) trying to market don't align well. (Apple could write a check to purchase Ford Motor Company or J.C. Penny's department store, but would those really help Apple with what it generally tries to do in terms of its main business?)

    Despite all the talk about security on BB10, much/most of it doesn't come into play unless you're on a BES. (Bla1ze needs to do another editorial on this because people on CB seem to forget it every 4-6 months or so.) Most consumers aren't and Amazon really isn't looking (at least yet) to sell its devices to the regulated market.

    It's a simplification, but there seem to be three main profit models for mobile ecosystems and devices (I think Rene or someone wrote on this once): Apple makes much of its profits on hardware, Google makes much of its profits on ads related to services and information, and Amazon makes much of its (mobile) profits on content.

    One of the challenges for BlackBerry is that its older profit model (i.e., profits from devices with high margins, BIS fees, BES fees, other services etc.) has failed and hasn't found a new one really yet.
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    06-19-14 02:10 AM
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    There is simple solution: license BB10 without hub and cascades, i.e. only core and android runtime. Still can use native development tools, which uses QNX.
    06-19-14 02:46 AM

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