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    If this is true, will you still wait for BB10?


    Boston-based firm Detwiler Fenton recently asserted that the first BlackBerry 10 QWERTY device would not release until June 2013. Additionally, the firm states that the first all-touch BB10 device may not release until March.

    Therefore, it is possible RIMMs February quarter may only see a very small number of BB10 sales with the May quarter also coming in light due to limited QWERTY keyboard shipments and limited shipments to Sprint and Verizon, Detwiler writers. Its our opinion RIM will ship approximately 400,000 BB10 units in the February quarter and 2.2 million to 2.5 million units in the May quarter. While this is clearly a North American / developed market view, we think this is the right way to look at the 2013 first half because the initial BB10 handsets are higher end and not targeted for emerging markets.

    Synopsis of their research note:

    Detwiler asserts that they understand that the QWERTY device wont debut until June.
    AT&T and T-Mobile are not expected to launch BB10 devices until March, the firm says.
    Verizon and Sprint are targeting a May debut, the report contends.
    12-06-12 07:01 PM
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    12-06-12 07:07 PM

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