07-25-13 04:48 PM
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  1. m1a1mg's Avatar
    From the BBRY press release:

    and 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 servers have already been installed by customers around the world.
    07-25-13 08:59 AM
  2. FFR's Avatar
    The fact that they Blackberry thinks that two companies deployed is a big enough for a press release, the lumping together of "ordered, downloaded, or installed " when citing a number for BES, these are not signs that inspire confidence.
    More worrisome is the 1000 Blackberry devices that BDO Deployed(3600 employees) were not labled as BB 10. And no BB 10 devices were listed for whirlpool.
    07-25-13 09:56 AM
  3. FFR's Avatar
    I think you are not understanding the point... i am not saying it isnt newsworthy that BB lost all that share. it is A HUGE story. What I meant by BB 'not needing' the 100% market share is that they did not need that in order to stay alive. The market is vast, and a 60% share is incredible in its own right. Yes they have faltered, BIG, but is it not also an accomplishment to have 60% of a market DESPITE the fact that everyone in the media and tech world continue to belittle the strides and methods BB is using?

    These Fortune 500 companies NEED the most reliable products to conduct their billions of dollars worth of business, and if a product does not meet those standards THESE companies will be the first to drop them. A lot of companies HAVE dropped BB, but it is clear that if 60% of them are still interested there must be a reason...

    BB, according to this article, has 60% of the Fortune 500 companies in a time where it is the joke of media/tech for at least two years and US sales have plummeted. What is a better story worthy of TRUE journalism... a company that everyone loves for advancements and innovations that has taken a market by storm OR a company that is somehow managing to keep 60% of the top companies even though it has the apparent worst devices and systems on the market and has seen its stock slide 90%?

    If I was a journalist I would look in to how it is possible that all these intelligent, innovating companies would stay with a brand that everyone is considering as a failure and dead in the water... THAT is the issue that i was bringing up.

    The media is happy to smash and bash ANY company (i am not just talking about BB) but when something good happens you almost never hear of it.

    Im sorry if you do not agree, but that does not change the facts.
    I dont want to say that you are a member of the brainwashed bc you seem to always have facts and evidence to support what you are saying, but remember that there are always two sides to every story. When the story says that ANY company owns 60% of a market but doesnt investigate the potential of that number considering the facts that the said company was 'dead' over a year ago i will take issue with it... every time regardless of the company in question.

    what does 60% equal to in devices?
    25 BB10 devices in total? avg of 6 devices being tested per company?
    or is this just more smoke an mirrors

    Has BB fixed the 30 day email problem yet?
    07-25-13 09:59 AM
  4. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    The press release clearly states 18000 BES 10 DEPLOYED

    I covered this on another thread a few weeks ago. The press release states:

    "To date, 60 percent of the Fortune 500 have ordered, downloaded or installed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 servers have already been installed by customers around the world."

    Given that there is a free trial that anyone can download and install, and that these installations are clearly being counted in the 18,000 number, there's really no way to know how many Fortune 500 companies are actually doing a paid deployment of BES10 or BB10 devices.

    This kind of thing is standard press-release spin, the kind of thing that nearly every company does, especially when they don't have great news to report. Words mean specific things, so people who write press releases carefully put together words that SAY one thing but strongly IMPLY something else, hoping that most people will assume the thing they want people to assume, while not breaking any laws by telling outright lies.

    A BES10 software install =/= a paid deployment.
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    07-25-13 12:38 PM
  5. Brutal Efficiency's Avatar
    They want this:

    My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5
    07-25-13 04:48 PM
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