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    I'm Acidox, from England.
    Total tech geek, computing, tech, gaming, music and socializing are my hobbies
    I've had a thing for BlackBerries for a while, I used to be a Sidekick 2/3 owner when they were available in the UK, but half way through my SK3 contract T-Mo gave me the option to upgrade early and at the time the Curve 83xx was really catching my eye, but I decided not to go for it as my SK was serving me well.
    I regret it actually, I have still never owned a BlackBerry device, although that is set to change soon (If anyone is interested for w/e reason check a thread I am about to make (Actually, 2 threads. I have 2 questions I need answering from seperate sections)

    So yeah, thanks
    05-27-09 09:39 AM