1. jillian416's Avatar
    Okay, so let me start by saying I am COMPLETELY new to BBs...so everything seems very complicated. LOL

    Anywho...I have my yahoo email all set up on my BB, and yesterday I was receiving my email via the BB all day, no problems. Now today, I hadn't gotten anything on my BB so I checked my email using a desktop computer...and I had like 5 new messages. Can anyone tell me how I get my new mail on my BB or is there a way to refresh, so the new stuff shows up?

    ...I appreciate any help anyone can give!! THANKS!!
    11-09-08 02:52 PM
  2. PvT's Avatar
    Maybe something to do with IMAP setting in your Yahoo account? Try searching "Yahoo email" via search / advanced search / search posts by title... Maybe something will come up there. Ikm on mobile now otherwise I could help more. But anyways, the answers for your questions may very well already be here

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    11-09-08 05:36 PM
  3. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Welcome to the CB family! We welcome new members with open arms and lots of advice!
    11-09-08 06:30 PM
  4. luvitlo's Avatar
    My yahoo comes quick it may be your carrier but now I never get notices on bulk or spam mail that goes straight to my bulk folder and the phone never picks those up.
    And welcome to the CB family
    11-09-08 07:03 PM