1. thebighgman's Avatar
    Im trying to consolidate my plan with the rest of my family to Verizon to save some green. I loved my iphone, only grip was that it was too fragile, and i busted the screen a few times. Anyway i was going to get the new Env, but then i found out it couldnt receive pdf files and what not, so i crossed that phone off my list. I figure a blackberry is the way to go. The question is what one should i get? I was ABOUT to get the curve, but someone stopped me and said a new one was coming out in july? Please give me some insite? what should i get? remember that im signing up for a plan with verizon, that should also help get me a good deal. I'd like to keep it under 200 $$.
    Thank you
    BTW i do allooooootttt of txting and typing from my phones.
    06-12-09 12:16 PM
  2. Mista Stringfellow's Avatar
    If it was me since I know Verizon is getting the Storm 2 and Tour...I would wait I'm not sure what the release date is but I know its soon..

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    06-12-09 01:44 PM