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    So far no regrets,. and given my 2 days of use I really don't think I'll be looking back longing for things I could do on my Verizon 6800 that I can't do with my 9530 (Storm). I had been using the Windows Mobile platform since 1999 - when it first came out - and lately I've been growing in frustration at the lack of innovation and the effort in maintenance it takes me to keep the device humming along.

    As any newbie coming from another platform I have some questions:

    Using Windows Mobile I was able to customize the "today" (or welcome) screen - not only with the graphics (themes and all - got that) but by the information displayed on the screen. I miss going to the "home" page and seeing all of the day's upcoming appointments and tasks due. Is there something I can do to customize the data displayed on this welcome/home screen?

    Blackberry Internet Browser - Is there a way to "save favorites" to this so when I open the application I can select from a list of favorites or is that what everyone uses "bookmarks" for?

    Any recommendations on Browsers or does everyone pretty much stick with the BBBrowser?

    How about any must-have applications?

    I've already installed:
    Google Maps (can't live without that)
    Mobile Banking
    Fox News

    I like to know what's on TV so I'm looking for a decent TV Guide app...
    Like to stay up to date on American Football - Fox Sports have an app?

    Thanks and looking forward to contributing to this site!
    12-10-08 12:22 PM
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    Take a look at Viigo.
    Welcome to the Crack!
    12-10-08 02:36 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!

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    12-10-08 02:42 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    The BB browser has a bookmarks feature, just hit your menu button, then scroll down to add bookmark. Opera is also a popular browser for a BB.

    If you need any help just put up a post. There's always an addict around that can assist you.

    Enjoy the addiction™
    12-10-08 02:47 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    12-10-08 03:02 PM
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    I say this with respect - RTFM.

    Within the BB browser, press the Menu button and open Options -> Browser Configuration. From there, set your Start Page to "Start Page". This will give you an address bar, a search bar (with search provider option), your (top?) bookmarks, and browsing history.

    As for bookmarking a page, just press the Menu button from any website and "Add Bookmark".

    As a general tip: the Menu button is your friend. Almost every application has its own Options that may not show up under the master Options icon (wrench icon).
    12-10-08 09:15 PM