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    I live in Dallas, TX and really want to get either a Curve or Pearl. The problem is that only AT&T carries those and their service sucks. I could pick up a BB from Verizon, but not nearly as cool. What do you do when your carrier sucks?
    07-05-07 05:17 PM
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    Sorry, I should have clarified that I currently use and have used AT&T/Cingular (cell phone only) for the past few years and the phone service is less than desirable. I've used T-Mobile when I used to have a BB in the past and the BB service (data) was fine, but phone service not so much.

    Now that I'm getting a BB again, I want both good phone and data service. I probably can't work around the supplier problems. But just wanted to hear any suggestions.

    07-05-07 06:07 PM
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    If AT&T and T-Mobile have not met your needs, then you may need to look to Verizon or Sprint. You may want to give Verizon a try and take advantage of their new 30-day trial program. It's a great deal if you just want to try out their network and see if it suits your needs.
    07-05-07 10:57 PM
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    Kasperapd suggestion is probably the best way to go. Before my blackberry, I tried 4 different carriers at the same time to see which one was the best for my area and Verizon won. I know that it's a little bit controversial in this forum as to who likes which service. For me, Verizon never gave me a dropped call with all my past cell phones and my current blackberry 8703e.

    I've had issues with my blackberry that according to RIM were highly unusual but through it all, both Verizon and RIM helped me resolve all the issues and of course this forum has helped me a great deal with questions as well.

    What I love about Verizon is they are extremely accommodating and I never have to wait on hold for more than a few minutes.

    What I look for in a service is no dropped calls, great reception, great customer service and of course a device that will suit my personal and business needs which is currently my blackberry.

    I say try out Verizon and see if for your area they are an improvement over the past carriers that you have used.

    07-05-07 11:33 PM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Since you're paying for service, then your number 1 priority is to get service with a carrier that offers the BEST service at home & work - especially since those two places are where you'll be the most.

    Another thing, if you don't want to go through a trial period, just check with your friends that visit your home, what service they use, and if it works in your house. As for work, once you've confirmed a decent carrier for home, confirm who uses that same carrier at work...
    07-05-07 11:54 PM
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    I live in Dallas, TX and really want to get either a Curve or Pearl. The problem is that only AT&T carries those and their service sucks. I could pick up a BB from Verizon, but not nearly as cool. What do you do when your carrier sucks?
    Do what was already suggested and take the 30 day trial with either carrier, through the years though I have found that some phones get horriblle reception and some get 5 bars all the time or the vast majority of the time.

    When I was in the local AT&T store last evening I was talking to a guy that bought the Iphone and he told me he only bought it because of all the hype but his main business accounts are with Sprint and that he had cingular but dropped them and paid the ETF fee because there signal strength no matter what phones was to weak. Also I am in the store playing with the 8800 and the curve and the bars are at 2 and no higher, I asked one of the sales reps what the deal was he said its because of the location inside the building.

    Verizon has been great for me, I can honestly recommend them, and you have 30 days. I can not confirm this but I have been told that the pearl will be out late this summer. After playing with the Pearl and the Curve and 8800, I like the full size of the 8800 better, along with the Curve.
    Only thing with AT&T I do NOT like is they offer NO insurance, on the PDA's and you have to wait a day or two for replacement phone / pda .
    07-06-07 06:42 AM
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    This forum is awesome - thanks to all who replied. I'm pretty set on going with the Curve, so I'm going to give AT&T a try and see if it works better than my previous PDA. My wife has the AT&T service and doesn't seem to have a problem at home, so maybe it's the device.

    If I went with Verizon, I'd probably get an 7103e(?), which was less attractive to me. But honestly, I really like the size of the Pearl and the smaller keypad didn't bother me when I was "test driving" it in the store.

    Curve's are cheap right now, got one for $199 and get a $100 rebate card. I can't wait to try out the teathering to my laptop and see if that works out.

    Thanks again everyone.
    07-06-07 10:45 AM
  8. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Curve is the way to go! I think the 7103e is so old...
    07-06-07 10:56 AM
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    One other thing I forgot to mention, I have Verizon, and my son has AT&T , we have a finished basement and if he uses my old V557 next to a nokia flip basic phone he has he will barely get a signal in the basement. Let me word that better with the Motorola he is good to go, with the Nokia he's not , so do the testing on the curve and see what happens, personally I like the 8800 for the GPS but than again thats another 10 dollars a month I have to pay for service so who knows.

    I still cannot decide on which one I am going to get yet. Where are you getting the curve for 200 and a 100 mail in rebate?
    07-06-07 11:03 AM
  10. Elvis822's Avatar
    When I decided to go with the Curve, I was buying on-line off the ATT/Cingular site, but couldn't figure out how to reduce the number of minutes in my plan plus add the BB teathered plan. So I called and asked for help. They told me the price would be $99 after rebate. That was a surprise to me since the on-line price at the site is $199 after rebates. So my incompetence pays off this time. Oh, one other difference was that the on-line pricing for BB Teathered was $74.99 and the price I got from calling in is $59.99. So now I'm feeling like a real champ.
    07-06-07 11:15 AM
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    I'm pretty sure AT&T's tethering plan should be cheaper. For basic unlimited BB data on BIS it's $29.99/mo. I'm pretty sure that to add tethering it brought it up to $44.99/mo

    Now that may have been back in the days of Cingular, but for $59.99/mo, you could tether with Verizon which would give you much faster speeds. You may want to call back and make sure they didn't put you on a BES plan.
    07-06-07 11:31 AM