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    I have been searching like crazy for the right place to post questions and I think I just found it! But I have no clue how I got here, so I bookmarked this page.I just want to know the quickest route to this page where I can post new threads. I'm new to CB and I've posted two questions so far and I had to put them in the "Add Reply" boxes at the end of other threads asking where I am supposed to post questions. (I probably broke some CrackBerry rule by doing that and "They" will come looking for me with torches and farm equipment, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.) I've had my BB 8310 for about six months now and love it, but I want to learn more about it in order to get full use of it. (I REALLY want to know any tricks to keep as much memory free & available as possible. I hate a slow phone.) I've got a lot of questions and I've already learned a lot just from reading other threads. I look forward to receiving help and giving help in these forums. Thanks for hearing me out.

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    05-27-08 11:30 PM
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    05-27-08 11:38 PM
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    Good luck, and welcome to CRACKberry!!
    05-28-08 05:29 PM