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    I'll be ashamed at how OBVIOUS the answer to this is, but I sure can't figure it out. At the top of my screen (using BB Curve with Verizon) ... there a little notification icon ... it looks like the blue "person" on the large Profiles icon ... it's got a couple of red lines to the right of the head, indicating talking or a message or something, and there's the number 2 next to it. So I've got two SOMETHINGS, but I can't figure out WHAT.

    I'm a total newbie ... plus I'm old and stupid. Help!
    11-19-08 02:11 AM
  2. masterdnater's Avatar
    It sounds like an instant message, I know the one for the blackberry messenger is a little yellow face with a red star next to it, but I don't use the other messengers, so I'm just guessing, try looking in all of your instant messengers and see if you have any notifications.

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    11-19-08 02:17 AM
  3. CipherDias's Avatar
    Its an Instant Message. Welcome to CB by the way!
    11-19-08 03:05 AM
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    Is it AIM possible?

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    11-19-08 03:19 AM
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    Don't be so hard on yourself if you don't know you did the right thing and ask but the little blue person is your bluetooth headset icon and the 2 you might have a voicemail, sms text,mms pic, missed call or messenger message. Sometimes it is how you have it set-up in the options you might have missed call being logged in the message folder select the missed calls that is highlighted with a yellow "x" and see if the number changes. Hopes this help

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    11-19-08 06:13 AM
  6. bilglas's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone for their help. As it turns out, it WAS two voicemail messages. I will know, now, if I see that little icon, that there are voicemail messages waiting ... but I would've thought there would be something MORE prominent, somewhere, that would've told me that ... like, for example, showing up in my Messages list. Uh, I guess not......
    11-19-08 02:29 PM
  7. resq330's Avatar
    It should show up there. Open your call log then click menu>options. Explore your voicemail and call logging options. HTH.
    11-19-08 02:45 PM
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    welcome to crackberry!!
    11-19-08 03:05 PM
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    Hey - welcome to the CB family! :-)

    Glad to have a new member aboard!
    11-19-08 09:49 PM