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    What is blackberry mds run time, mds default launcher and S/MIME support package?
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    MDS Run Time and launcher
    Provides the ability to access BlackBerry MDS applications and services.
    BlackBerry Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) v4.1 is an optimized application development framework for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources required to develop and deploy wireless applications for mobile workers. BlackBerry MDS allows organizations to deliver corporate data wirelessly, leveraging the same proven push delivery model and advanced security features used for BlackBerry email.
    If your device is not connected to BES and your IT department is not creating their own content, un-select it.

    S/MIME Support Package

    Confidentiality. Integrity. Authentication. Non-repudiation. BlackBerry Enterprise Solution with the S/MIME Support Package* increases the already high level of security provided by the BlackBerry solution. It incorporates device and desktop software components and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Client Access Licenses (CALs) to provide organizations with extended security features ...
    This is BES specific and related to higher levels of security.

    DOD root Cert. is another you dont need. Unless you work for the DOD that is.
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