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    I am on the quest for my perfect phone. I am currently using a Motorola Q9h. To be honest, my only dis-satisfactions with it come from the challenges of syncing it with my MacBook Pro and the lack of aftermarket support for it.

    About me... I am a police officer for a busy metropolitan agency. I use anywhere from 60-150 minutes of phone time per day. I check my email every hour or so and surf the web occasionally. I need the PDA/PIM phone for the calendar and contact manager functions more than anything else. I use at&t wireless.

    What I require...
    -QWERTY (I messed with Suretype and wanted to smash the phone)
    -The aility to sync with my Mac (I have read that the BB-provided solution sucks, but I am familiar with MissingSync)

    My questions...

    1. Am I correct that there is not a 3G Curve for at&t?
    2. What is the stuff I am reading that I can sync with my Mac but I can't install software or backup the device?
    3. What is different about how the BB does data and email than what I am used to with WinMo?
    4. Can I take the sim out of a BB and put it in my backup Razr V3xx and still use data?

    I'm sure I will come up with more questions.

    I am actually pretty happy with WinMo but I prefer the smartphone version and can't find any new 3G devices in that variety that I like (at least with USA 3G bands). My Q9h is great, but the is no aftermarket support for it... no cases, no cradles, no pouches, etc.

    I know almost nothing about BB's so I appreciate your advice.
    10-22-08 03:15 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry, Officer.

    At this time, only the Bold offers 3G support. The Curve and World Phones use the earlier 2.5G EDGE technologies.

    BlackBerry has promised Macintosh support, but it is not a product, yet. You may have to resort to borrowed access to a Windows computer to accomplish some things like switching devices or upgrading your device software.

    I am not familiar with WinMo, but it is safe to assume it works much like Windows on a PC. The device will download messages on request. BlackBerry will forward messages directly to your device.

    You should be able to exchange your SIM card, but the data path may be different. Voice will work fine, but the data may not because the BlackBerry BIS infrastructure will be part of your plan.
    10-22-08 03:33 PM
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    Try reading some of the Blackberry 101 lessons... they have a lot of great information, including: Blackberry 101 lecture 3 How to choose the right blackberry for you
    10-22-08 04:14 PM
  4. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    I can answer item 3 for you. I'm a recent WM convert if that means anything.

    The BlackBerry's email functions far outweigh the WM phones. Also, the BB Operating System is much more stable. The only advantage of the WM OS are the amount of developers and their 3rd party software choices which are numerous. BB is catching up pretty fast though.
    10-22-08 05:10 PM