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    Hi all, first post, loving my new Curve. A question that has been nagging me was not answered by my carrier, Cincinnati Bell... What data is considered a part of the 'unlimited' fee that I pay and what is considered carrier side data?

    For example... I pay $4.99 for unlimited SMS text messaging through the carrier. I left it on when my wife and I upgraded to the Blackberries b/c I was afraid that I'd get a bill with all these extra data charges. I'm comfortable now turning off the unlimited text on our account b/c we're using BB Messenger more often than not and I'm confident this app is considered BB data.

    So my Gmail is pushed to my phone... is emails I send, recieve, attach documents or pictures from/to my phone considered BB data?

    Is the chat app Gchat considered BB data?

    Is there any application out there that I could potentially run that would inadvertantly end up on the carrier side of the house? Ie., could I get surprised by a rather large data bill from Cincinnati Bell?

    Thanks, love the site!

    09-18-08 06:17 PM
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    all email stuff is from bb data
    bbm is bb data
    gtalk is bb data
    the only thing that would really be carrier data is sms, mms, voice

    **edit 300 post ya!
    09-18-08 06:19 PM
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    Conga-rats on 300!

    Thanks for the quick response... this is my first smart phone, didn't want to make a huge mistake with data usage; I've had an 'oops' data usage bill before
    09-18-08 06:23 PM
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    as long as you have unlimited data then you will be fine
    I rarely use texts anymore seeing as most of the people I contact have bbm or I just send emails
    09-18-08 06:26 PM
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    Yep, as long as you have an unlimited data plan you are fine. There really is no difference between most of the data you use and carrier data. Blackberry specific data is email and BBM which run through RIM's servers.

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    09-18-08 06:29 PM
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    All your questions have been answered above so...........
    i figured i would jst say welcome!
    09-18-08 06:32 PM
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    Thanks... I think I could spend an awful lot of productive work time on this site
    09-19-08 08:07 AM