1. rachael2984's Avatar
    Hey guys...Ive had my blackberry curve for about 4 months now and I have done next to nothing with it. I basically know how to get on the net, bb msg, text and the basics with music and pics. I really wanna get some good apps to make the most out of my blackberry...which apps do you guys think all BB users NEED and which ones do ya'll recommend.

    Thanks so much!~Rach
    12-08-08 05:07 PM
  2. johnprimo78's Avatar
    well if your into myspace or facebook.........and then AIM
    12-08-08 05:09 PM
  3. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    There are a bunch of threads on this issue. Check out the CB Search option and you can check them all out.

    Applications that I use:

    Free OTA Apps
    Google Mobile App.
    Yahoo! Go
    CrackBerry Launcher
    Superpages Mobile
    Opera Mini
    Nobex Radio Companion
    Pocket Express
    BibleReader (BB beta)
    Free (via PC)
    Ascendo DataVault
    12-08-08 05:10 PM
  4. greg24's Avatar
    you gotta get the crackberry launcher to be complete!!
    12-08-08 05:11 PM
  5. rachael2984's Avatar
    Ive got Viigo, Facebook, Google Talk and Myspace...still lookin' for more. What is Crackberry Launcher? I'll look around
    12-08-08 05:17 PM
  6. Chicklet's Avatar
    You need what works for you. If you like the news then viigo. I like vlingo for when I have my hands full. Love the auto standby for my battery. It's all personal but when they're free you can try them out. A lot have free trials as well .
    12-08-08 05:17 PM
  7. rachael2984's Avatar
    And I get all these apps from the app store on here?
    12-08-08 05:22 PM
  8. greg24's Avatar
    here ya go
    the crackberry launcher takes you to the wap version of crackberry on your phone. keeps you connected
    12-08-08 05:24 PM
  9. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    And I get all these apps from the app store on here?
    The ones in my earlier post will take you to the download (OTA) if you pull this up on your BB.
    12-08-08 05:29 PM
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    12-08-08 06:34 PM
  11. rachael2984's Avatar
    any links i can go to for free apps?
    12-09-08 11:33 PM
  12. greg24's Avatar
    12-09-08 11:34 PM