1. rachel0179's Avatar
    To check my balance and avail. mins, you *should* be able to use
    #225# etc..

    However, on the call screen, I cannot get the symbols to work.. I hit alt then the # key, the Q shows up, I cant get to the symbols LOL

    Im sure its user error..
    09-08-08 09:57 AM
  2. Pastafarian81's Avatar
    Just press the sym button ands hold then press #

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    09-08-08 09:59 AM
  3. rachel0179's Avatar
    ahh ok, I never thought to hit the sym button, I use the alt in other msgs, but thanks, that worked

    I feel silly LOL
    09-08-08 10:02 AM
  4. Boggsy37's Avatar
    I didn't know you could do this. All you do is type #225# and you get your avail. minutes?
    09-08-08 10:12 AM
  5. rachel0179's Avatar
    Im with t mobile

    I can type #225# for balance info

    #6467# for avail mins
    09-08-08 11:04 AM