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    My name is Samele (camille with an s).. I have had a crackberry, err blackberry for a lil over a year (from ATT) I previously had one from Nextel..

    I got my bb and wanted to upgrade to an iphone.. i took the iphone back within 2 weeks, gave my hubby my 8300 and bought me an 8310.. I wish I could have gotten the bold, but it was taking me too long to figure out how I could justify that to him.

    he still has an upgrade available on his line, so once I can figure out how to convince him its really ok, for me to have a bold I WILL (evil grin)

    I just found crackberry and it is all downhill for me.. in the space of 2 days I have upgraded my OS and DM (never had a reason too), put about 6 apps and a new theme on my bb, realized that half of my photos were on my phone memory instead of my media card, subsequently moved them all to my media card. now have a desire to get a larger media card (y not?)

    sent him a link to vlingo which basically bricked (right term?) his 8300 and then I fixed it!!! all thanks to the cb forums.. I look forward to reading and learning WAY more about my phone

    my name is lilthorner and I'm a crackberry addict!
    02-20-09 12:03 PM
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    Welcome to the site. Enjoy all the info

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    02-20-09 12:10 PM
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    Welcome to CB Nation! It is indeed all down hill from here. But you are in good company!

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    02-20-09 12:22 PM
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    Whew-wow that's a mouthful for 2days! Lol I've had my bb for lil ovr 2mths & havnt done that much w/it yet! (Notice I say yet ) so welcome & there's plenty to learn/get/do here!

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    02-21-09 07:49 PM