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    Hello all,
    New to this forum and an absolute newbie for Blackberry.


    I'm waiting for the 8310 to be sent, was looking for 8320 really but found a better (I hope) deal via another service provider. Hope I made the right choice.

    Seems like I've hit jackpot with finding the most useful forum for Blackberry!

    Looking forward to getting to know about my new device soon.

    p.s. whats the PIN? I mean in the forums under forum members.

    09-20-08 07:21 AM
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    Welcome! PIN is an ID/username for BB Messenger

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    09-20-08 07:25 AM
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    Welcome to CB and congrats on your new 8310! The PIN is a Personal Identification Number and it is unique to each device. It can also be used to communicate, similar to and IM message, and it goes directly to the BB with the PIN. Be sure to check out the newbie sections for some great info on using and optimizing your BB.
    09-20-08 07:27 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!!
    09-20-08 07:30 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!! Enjoy your stay.
    09-20-08 07:56 AM
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    Thanks for the warm welcome all!

    Any other UK T-Mobile users here? if so, any suggestions? anyone else on this tariff? is there something better that I don't know of? any help would be great.

    I have chosen their;
    Flext 35 + Blackberry for 18months contract.
    Which consists of:
    -5 off line rental
    -200 worth of calls or texts
    -1000mins or 2000 texts or mixture
    -UK blackberry mail
    -all for 35 instead of 40 a month
    I didn't choose their unlimited data package option. Since it states that max charge per day is 1. I figure I might as well pay 1 for unlimited use, instead of paying a monthly sum.
    Wondering if this is a good idea...

    Anyway, back on a more positive note!

    I've just received an email today which starts with;
    Welcome to T-Mobile

    Your order's winging its way to you right this minute so get ready to say hello to your new BlackBerry Curve 8310
    I can't say how excited I was when I received that email this morning. So it's either later today or tomorrow by 1pm. I think I'm going to be suffering from dry eyes from searching the board for anything related to it! ...where's my eye drops...
    09-22-08 04:28 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    09-22-08 11:13 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry. You'll love it here.
    09-22-08 11:19 AM
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    Welcome to CB, this is a great site. Enjoy!!
    09-22-08 11:30 AM
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    welcome to Crackberry!!
    Enjoy your stay!!
    09-22-08 11:38 AM
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    Hope you enjoy, welcome to cb

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    09-22-08 12:15 PM
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    Welcome to CB! Come here often to catch up on BB news and to get the best tips and tricks from CBer's who know their stuff!
    09-22-08 12:19 PM
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    Purchased my first BB on ebay because I did not want to wait the 5 months for an ATT upgrade, and waiting for my red 8310 to come any day now.

    I have no clue what to do but this website is fantastic and I am sure I will figure it out in no time.
    09-22-08 10:55 PM
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    Welcome to CB!! You did hit the jackpot- this is a great site, with super friendly folks who help each other out Enjoy..


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    09-23-08 12:00 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry
    09-23-08 12:02 AM
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    Welcome to cb !

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    09-23-08 12:07 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!

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    09-23-08 02:50 AM
  18. actanonverba's Avatar
    Just received the 8310.
    Setting up emails and the phone was a cinch thanks to the forum posts.

    Now if I can figure out why my Google maps is not working...something with data service not being active. Should be...might need to tinker more.

    Also is Opera a free browser?
    09-23-08 09:08 AM