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    I am currently using a USB 720 for laptop/desktop internet access and I am considering upgrading my phone to to dual mode Storm. I was told by CSR that, with the storm, I could be on line and still use the phone simultaneously.

    I have the Americas Choice 2 plan at $79.99 and they quoted me another $44.99/mo for the broadband (i guess referred to as the data plan) and another $15/mo for the "tethered modem". Does that sound right? It seems expensive considering my wife upgraded her T-Mobile plan ($59.99/mo) with the "curve" and the upgrade for the internet access/data plan was only another $19.99/mo.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    11-24-08 10:29 AM
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    The 44? Isn't that what they charge for "Enterprise " ?
    (The "business" plan)
    I'm not too sure, and maybe not much help, when I got my Curve they gave me the 44$ Data Plan. Which I thought it was too much. I saw online that they had a few options. The 25/30 $ (unlimited)(one of those 2 prices) for "Personal Email". Which is what I needed. Because I just use it for my own usage. And not "work".
    The tethering. I only used for a few days. I do not remember the price.
    I suggest calling in CS for more help/info.

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    11-24-08 04:56 PM
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    Hey Mizzo... welcome to CB!
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    welcome to cb... enjoy your stay..
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