1. PhantomPretender's Avatar
    Hey everyone. New user here, I've had my Curve (8330) for all of three days. The first two nights that I've charged my Curve (with an old non-RIM mini USB charger) something wierd has happened in the morning. When I go to take my Curve off the charger, it's fully charged but it's locked into some kind of Voice Dial indexing page/application. It always lists progress at 0% and I can't exit out of this without powering down the Curve and turning it back on.

    I searched through Options and I couldn't find any way to disable this. It almost seems like my Curve is trying to index my contacts to enable voice dialing, but I haven't configured this and I'd prefer it not to do this. Any advice?
    07-06-08 02:44 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to crackberry...

    1st step... Battery pull.

    2nd step to to back-up your data and then wipe your berry (Options --> Security Options --> General Settings --> Hit the menu key and the select "Wipe Handheld"
    07-09-08 02:58 AM
  3. PhantomPretender's Avatar
    Hah, thanks for the advice. It's actually gotten better since the first two days. I finally activated the voice dial and it ran a full index of my phonebook. Since I did that, I haven't had any problems.
    07-09-08 10:15 AM