1. JavaRia's Avatar
    Hi - can someone tell me what's going on; I went to Viigo on bb and hit menu because I noticed the info was not updated
    (21May) so I tabbed to update and rec'd: ERROR loading page; connection denied.

    -- help
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    05-23-08 11:13 AM
  2. fantom1023's Avatar
    Go to options and check your connection settings. They should be set on BIS. Good luck and PM me if that doesn't work, and I will walk you through it. Have fun, good luck, and enjoy!
    05-24-08 09:34 AM
  3. JWU1684's Avatar
    Hi Guys... problem here

    so i have viigo on my storm except all of a sudden tonight it won't work when i try to add channels.. says "invalid URL parameter". I initally had it set up for TCP and it changed by itself to MDS. I can't find a way in any option screen to change the connection type. I don't have a "network" option from the "option" screen that many seem to have.

    Any ideas?
    12-02-08 10:54 PM