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    Everytime I upload videos on my BlackBerry Pearl, The quality is always crap, It's all choppy and cuts out, doesn't fill the whole screen, But the preloaded Blackberry.Avi video is Great quality, One of the reasons I bought the Pearl. I don't think its my videos, due to they are all great quality on my computer. Any help is much Appreciated.
    07-25-07 06:37 PM
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    Are you just dropping it onto your media card from a PC, or are you converting it using Media Manager? What format is the video in?

    I'm currently watching Heroes, converted .avi, using BlackBerry Video Converter. It's free and has settings for the Pearl. It scrunches a 350 MB video down to about 118 MB and plays very well. I hear it returns much higher quality than Media Manager, but since I got BBVC almost immediately, I've never tried MM.
    07-25-07 07:02 PM
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    2 of them were ota downloads, forget which site... and I tried one from the computer, Not sure on the format either.

    EDIT: Come to find out,...I was using that same converter,.... I don't know why its still all choppy, but i will try again
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    07-25-07 09:03 PM
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    Hmm. Check the settings, I guess? When was the last time you scrubbed memory and pulled your battery?
    07-25-07 10:13 PM
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    Am I doing something wrong while using BBVC?

    The movie is Transformers and the sound is all static until 32 minutes in. I haven't put the 2nd half on yet so I don't know if the first half of that will be static either.
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    07-27-07 03:42 AM